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Welcome to Strings API Developer Portal. This page will help you get up to speed quickly with Strings Open API and the rich capabilities offered.


String's Open API provides a RESTful interface for developers to build customer facing applications accessing Strings financial information. This sandbox contains simulated transaction data for imaginary customers that match certain customer profiles.
What sort of applications can I build with the Strings Open API?

Customer facing retail banking and fintech applications for consumers, SMEs, associations, charities, governments and NGOs; including (but not limited to!) Personal Finance Management (PFM) Solutions, online accounting integration, financial widgets, Savings Apps, Education Apps, Gamification, Peace of Mind Apps, Transparency Apps, Crowd funding, on boarding, CRM etc..
What data and services can I access?

This instance contains simulated customer related data. You can create sandbox payments, customer, products and accounts.
Using the Strings Open APIs you can:

Get account information, balance and transaction history of multiple bank accounts
Create/Access different views on accounts. Each view grants a subset of the data to a restricted group of users. For example, a customer could offer special views on his account to his accountants, auditors or regulators. A charity might open their accounts to the public
Initiate payments

Application registration

You will need to register your application here: https://apisandbox.strings.my/consumer-registration You will then get a consumer key and consumer secret for the calls requiring OAuth or Direct Login authentication.
Direct Login and OAuth

The easiest way to authenticate is to use Direct Login. To use OAuth1 we recommend you use (and fork) one of the OAuth Starter SDKs. Both Direct Login and OAuth1 will allow you to access the dummy sandbox customer accounts that have been created for you.

In this Sandbox, you can also authenticate using your Google account and the Google OAuth 2 server. Note that if you authenticate with your Google account, you will need to create your own accounts and transactions by making payments between accounts.

Note: Many examples in the docs/SDKs use the general OBP sandbox domain. Please make sure you use the correct domain in all calls i.e. apisandbox.strings.my !

Customer logins

Developers can use the following logins to get access to dummy customer accounts and transactions:

user_name:	Robert.Uk.01         password:	X!53562b3e	email:	robert.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Susan.Uk.01	         password:	X!64228fd0	email:	susan.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Anil.Uk.01	         password:	X!ee45d6a9	email:	anil.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Ellie.Uk.01	         password:	X!b74cc500	email:	ellie.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Rosalie.Uk.01        password:	X!d4ec1bd3	email:	rosalie.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Chris.Uk.01	         password:	X!13e3720a	email:	chris.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Dennis.Uk.01         password:	X!10681dad	email:	dennis.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Jane.Uk.01	         password:	X!2deecf3b	email:	jane.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Emma.Uk.01	         password:	X!fce9f1f2	email:	emma.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Sebastien.Uk.01      password:	X!8a3f27df	email:	sebastien.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Wim.Uk.01	         password:	X!79104dd9	email:	wim.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Simon.Uk.01	         password:	X!eb8ccd1c	email:	simon.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Jean-paul.Uk.01      password:	X!f4240f61	email:	jean-paul.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Elise.Uk.01	         password:	X!a0f04e17	email:	elise.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Eleanor.Uk.01        password:	X!7d1daaa4	email:	eleanor.uk.01@x.y
user_name:	Robert.Strings.01	 password:	X!847e5e65	email:	robert.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Susan.Strings.01	 password:	X!3a311aa1	email:	susan.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Anil.Strings.01      password:	X!8c517b43	email:	anil.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Ellie.Strings.01	 password:	X!b16e572c	email:	ellie.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Rosalie.Strings.01	 password:	X!add06d74	email:	rosalie.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Chris.Strings.01	 password:	X!544be65b	email:	chris.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Dennis.Strings.01	 password:	X!f47c53f8	email:	dennis.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Jane.Strings.01      password:	X!e72fbf9c	email:	jane.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Emma.Strings.01      password:	X!67c82fd8	email:	emma.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Sebastien.Strings.01 password:	X!94e99ed5	email:	sebastien.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Wim.Strings.01       password:	X!70817a20	email:	wim.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Simon.Strings.01	 password:	X!cc991dd0	email:	simon.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Jean-paul.Strings.01 password:	X!7682fa62	email:	jean-paul.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Elise.Strings.01	 password:	X!1966a4e9	email:	elise.strings.01@x.y
user_name:	Eleanor.Strings.01	 password:	X!a5a12389	email:	eleanor.strings.01@x.y

Please ask a member of the Open Bank Project team for more logins if you require so.


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